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Exceptionally driven high achiever and savvy Director of Business Development and Linguistic consultant professional with more than 8 years of experience in the HEALTHCARE industry working with a strong work background and a proven track of problem-solving and business solution creation in a collaborative environment. Proven track record of multitasking in a team setting with individual motivation to deliver results. I am currently working with Healthcare facilities and Medical Professionals helping them to achieve a fluid communication and better connection with their patients while understanding the unique needs, realities and barriers of the diverse communities. Our company provides expert assistance for on-site appointments, telephone interpretation, translation and International medical records documents. I am undoubtedly committed to bridging the linguistic and cultural division between the speaking communities through the art of interpreting and translating. My primordial objective is to conspicuously enhance communication between patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers, organizations, groups, and businesses. I am culturally sensitive and have the ability to adapt quickly in unusual situations using clear and accurate communication.

November 2018

White for your Lungs: Be Aware & Stay Safe


Our lungs are precious and with more lung cancer cases around America, many people felt it was time to spread awareness programs around the public.  The awareness event kicked off about 20 years back and from then on, people have worked towards helping the society and especially youngsters know more about what lunch cancer [...]

White for your Lungs: Be Aware & Stay Safe2018-11-28T10:09:10-05:00

Why does Pediatrics need the help of Medical Interpreting?


Communication is very important for all of us, and a crucial factor when we are sick. We need to explain what we feel and the problem is even greater when it comes to children. They may not know how to identify the discomfort and so they need someone who can understand what the child [...]

Why does Pediatrics need the help of Medical Interpreting?2018-11-28T09:41:01-05:00

Is the need for medical interpreters rising?


With a multi lingual world and the increasing number of patients, language can be a notable issue. Since the nation has become diverse, naturally the demand for people who can communicate well to each other is an essential need. As English is the most widely used language, any person should know the language or [...]

Is the need for medical interpreters rising?2018-11-28T09:32:39-05:00

Most common languages medical patients in the US speak


The United States has one of the most developed and unique healthcare systems in the world. Health care is provided by several organizations in the country and the facilities are primarily owned and operated by big businesses in the private sector. Improper communication between patient and their doctor due to limited knowledge of English, [...]

Most common languages medical patients in the US speak2018-11-27T14:27:58-05:00

Medical Interpretation Translation


Certified Medical Interpreters The importance of certified medical interpreters and translators is increasing as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. People from different parts of the world seek medical services in best healthcare institutions across different parts of the world. Globalization is opening up the world to the possibilities of new technologies and advanced healthcare. [...]

Medical Interpretation Translation2018-11-28T09:19:15-05:00

Language Interpreting and Translation in Hospitals


Currently, over 25 million people are not able to speak English very well. That is according to the United States Census Bureau. The effect of this has been felt particularly in the health sector, where the comprehension of language and communication can directly affect the satisfaction and safety of patients- and you can only [...]

Language Interpreting and Translation in Hospitals2018-11-28T09:16:43-05:00

Language Interpretation and Translation


The use of medical interpreters has never been that important before but with an increase of Americans that cannot speak and understand English well, the use of certified translators and interpreters with professional training will help ease the burden of errors acquired due to lack of an effective communication method between patients and health [...]

Language Interpretation and Translation2018-11-28T09:13:31-05:00

Language Barriers in Hospitals in the U.S.


More than three hundred languages are spoken in the United States currently According to the U.S. Bureau of statistics, more than three hundred languages are spoken in the United States currently (Chen, Youdelman, & Brooks, 2007). More than twenty-one percent of U.S. population aged five and above speak other languages other than English at [...]

Language Barriers in Hospitals in the U.S.2018-12-20T08:53:45-05:00