Setting up an appointment is EASY. Once we establish our service agreement (most hospitals have a basic vendor agreement ready) and the encrypted connection flow (e-mail, phone extension and online booking tool), your medical staff can reliably schedule a Medical interpreter or request a medical document to be translated. Our email encryption keeps sensitive data—such as Full name, date of birth, medical information and other HIPAA data—safe and secured. Once the interpreter or translator is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with his/her info and our scheduling director with send you reminders. One Voice Medical Interpreters has created a ticket system that helps keep track of every appointment and minimizes confusion and the risk of having an appointment without coverage. Once the appointment or assignment is complete, we will send your accounting team an invoice of the prior weekly or bi-weekly tickets.

Please connect with one of our languages specialists to find out more about our rates and different language tiers. You can send us an e-mail to