Cultural Mastery Training


DEVELOP A LEGENDARY LANGUAGE SERVICE PLAN Accurate communication ensures the correct exchange of information that allows patients to provide informed consent for treatment. Numerous studies have documented that: Language barriers may affect the delivery of adequate care through poor exchange of information, loss of important cultural information, misunderstandingof physician [...]

Telephone Interpretation


Telephone Interpretations Keep the flow of communication Our Spanish Interpretation Telephone Service. This service is also available in other languages as well. Set up your account with us and call patients at any hour, any day and we will connect you within minutes.If you need to communicate [...]

On-site Interpreters


Medical Interpreters On-site Safety and Empathy, that’s the language we speak. Medical terminology could be tedious and challenging but that’s not an excuse for delivering an inaccurate message to a patient or provider. Our qualified medical interpreters will facilitate communication, safety and comfort between patients and their physicians, [...]

Medical Translations


Translations and transcriptions The importance of relying on a person with vast medical terminology knowledge The international language around the world may be English but not in the world of health care. There is another language called medical terminology. It is a vast ocean of knowledge about medicines, treatment [...]