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Accurate communication ensures the correct exchange of information that allows patients to provide informed consent for treatment. Numerous studies have documented that:

Language barriers may affect the delivery of adequate care through poor exchange of information, loss of important cultural information, misunderstandingof physician instruction, poor shared decision-making, or ethical compromises (e.g. difficulty obtaining informed consent). Linguistic difficulties may also result in decreased adherence with medication regimes, poor appointment attendance, and decreased satisfaction with services. (

Be part of this continuing education about Cultural Competency. Learn more about how Medical Translation Services can positively impact your organization . Each week you will receive a new chapter with its training materials and resources. We will also invite you to our webinar series.

  • Assessment of Needs and Development of a Language Services Plan 
  • Legal Agreements with Language Services Vendors
  • How to effectively work with a Medical Interpreter
  • Multilingual Tools and Resources for Healthcare Professionals
  • Culture Awareness for Healthcare Professionals 
  • Resources: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services office for civil rights
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