International Medical Records

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Project Description

International Medical Records

Patients who are traveling to the U.S. for treatment may not have access to their medical records or forgot to bring these with them. Obtaining these medical documents could be tedious and yet important because is the patient whose life is at risk. Some of the documents might not be in English causing a little bit of delay. Our team will work jointly to deliver these documents translated to English in the original o requested format.

With the support of healthcare facilities, we mediate the exchange of information. This process can help to accelerate the sharing of healthcare information while maintaining privacy and policy secured.

How to request medical documents outside the U.S.:

  • Complete and submit the request form or send and e-mail to Once we receive the form, a Project manager will contact you to discuss the medical reports and other documents requested by your facility. Please let us know what format you desire these to be.
  • After receiving the medical documents, we will contact you and arrange delivery and payments (if you have a contract with us, we will bill you)
  • Once the documents are translated, we will send you a final delivery by e-mail, mail or fax.

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